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An unforgettable figure

An unforgettable figure

An unforgettable figure

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    An unforgettable figure
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    Pick up the grapefruit
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    Only Novel
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2021-12-04 09:36:54
Growth is to dare to face all feelings, whether friendship or love. The first person I like is unforgettable and profound. Qin Yihan likes him. I don't know when he started, but he has been like him for several years. Like him from close to his figure, and this like really does not need to respond, because she feels like a person is afraid, afraid can't be together, people who can't be together are tangled, whether she still likes it she later said, "thank you for meeting him at the most beautiful age, even if the ending is not perfect. It's not wrong to like a person, but it's wrong to take the other person as your own everything."