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Shiwen cannon fodder female breeding cub

Shiwen cannon fodder female breeding cub

Shiwen cannon fodder female breeding cub

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    Shiwen cannon fodder female breeding cub
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    Tea green
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-14 22:28:50
Li Jing, an apocalyptic wood power, crossed over to the cannon fodder girl who was reborn in the age text as vicious cannon fodder, the original owner abandoned his husband and beat his stepson and stepdaughter for true love, and finally fell to the point of betrayal and tragic death on the street. Once reborn, he directly sought death Li Jing: "..." what is true love? Who is it? Isn't the food delicious as a member suffering from the end of the world, Li Jing has only one wish - to eat Li jingle is not tired of farming, breeding and opening restaurants. He has become a well-known owner of private dishes the three cubs abused by the original owner were also raised casually by her and became a big man the eldest business tycoon, the second, the top hacker, and the youngest daughter have also become a Grand Slam Queen Li Jing can't help sighing: life is so complete a forgotten technology boss: daughter-in-law, have you forgotten something?