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Dress up as a thorn in the eye of the villain boss

Dress up as a thorn in the eye of the villain boss

Dress up as a thorn in the eye of the villain boss

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    Dress up as a thorn in the eye of the villain boss
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    Lu beinuan
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2022-05-06 10:55:43
Shen Yihuan wrote a book in which there is a villain boss. The boss is good everywhere, but he is very bad. Later, in order to leave the plot, she wrote the boss to death. After writing about the dead boss, Shen Yihuan found that she had put herself into the novel world created by herself and became the cannon fodder passer-by Jiading Beihou Qianjin who didn't even deserve her name. Then she met the villain boss who returned full-scale after rebirth... - Xie Zhiyan always felt that her life was like a joke, from small to large, What bad things happened to him: his father died early, his mother hated, his people bullied, and his brothers used... But the only big brother who was good to him died young and buried his bones in the sand. Then he really couldn't stand it and blackened. After blackening, Xie Zhiyan stirred the wind and rain and did all kinds of evil. Before long, he died inexplicably. Xie Zhiyan thought, it's better to die. Anyway, his life is poor and ridiculous. Dying is a relief. So he can die at ease. Then - he was reborn! Xie Zhiyan was not only reborn, but also unexpectedly learned that his tragic life was just to promote the development of the plot Xie Zhiyan: the author, come out and let's have a good chat SHEN Yihuan: I'm wrong, boss. I'll change the text now. I'll let you go to the peak of your life and live comfortably until the end of the full text.

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