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Mysterious trace

Mysterious trace

Mysterious trace

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    Mysterious trace
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    Jin Jue Heying
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    Daily Novel
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2022-06-10 07:20:42
What I want to talk about here is long Xiaojie's adventure trip of a newspaper essay... a year ago, the graduation season of a university in the South came, and long Xiaojie was among them. Four years of college time passed in a hurry. She is the most popular undergraduate philosophy student in this university. She is gentle and clever, but people think of her. To say such a clever girl, everyone's first impression is that she is timid, soft and weak. However, long Xiaojie is not. She has more courage than ordinary girls. She looks weak, but she has great courage. In a word, this is the result of long Xiaojie's belittling of strange legends, detective novels and other books, film and television dramas and documentaries. To this end, her parents did not say less about her, for fear that she was too obsessed with these and delayed her studies. A girl, holding detectives, strange novels and strange documentaries every day, was talked about one after another. But Xiaojie knew in her heart that these were the things she really liked. Her childhood wish was also the driving force for her efforts. She went to college and participated in the detective novel discussion interest group. She was relieved of some things is a green light human? What kind of "fate" made her meet long Xiaojie? How do two long Xiaojie start a lively journey? Is there any point in going to duwuling again? Can the green blue jade help long Xiaojie save her life

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