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The reborn queen wants to remarry

The reborn queen wants to remarry

The reborn queen wants to remarry

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    The reborn queen wants to remarry
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    Grumpy brother himself
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2022-05-25 07:28:42
Ten miles outside the palace, red makeup, gongs and drums are noisy, and the palace is besieged by swords and swords. In the last life, mu Linglan was stabbed to death by her fiance on her wedding day. The forces she cultivated turned against each other. Her beloved family looked on coldly, and there was no one around her when she died to revive her life, mu Linglan vowed to be cold-blooded, establish a seven nation organization, collect all kinds of killers, operate restaurants and gambling houses... She wants all money and power! Never repeat the tragedy of the previous life, and let all those who humiliated her pay the price Yan huaibi, the only son of general Yan, the southern fief of the state of Yan. The once spirited young Lang was sent to the capital by an imperial edict. He was openly sealed and secretly demoted to stay in Beijing as a proton. Blindness in both eyes and physical deficit. Every man is innocent and bears his sin! Yan huaibi vowed to destroy this disgusting Yan country two people who have no intersection in their previous lives, one died and got married, and the other died in another country. In this life, a reborn Avenger and a determined destroyer are entangled because of an accident mu Linglan "if all the suffering in the previous life is to meet Yan huaibi in this life, I can release all the pain in the past." Yan huaibi: "I can cure my body if it's broken, and I can take away my power if it's gone, but if the lily of the valley is gone, the world will have no meaning." since then, both of them have relied on each other behind them. They no longer live alone. The two scarred hearts began to heal and redeem each other women are stronger than men, 1v1, no abuse.