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Regenerate the favorite of double-sided school grass

Regenerate the favorite of double-sided school grass

Regenerate the favorite of double-sided school grass

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    Regenerate the favorite of double-sided school grass
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    Empty headed Xiao Li
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    Lava Novel
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2021-11-25 04:18:53
Growing up in a situation where his father didn't love his mother, sang developed a submissive, low self-esteem and sensitive nature once, she met the gentle Ji Qingyu of Qingjun with the company and encouragement of Ji Qingyu, she gradually laid down her guard and became confident and brave. They fell in love and got married... When she thought everything was getting better, a car accident made her fall from heaven to hell when he opened his eyes again, he found that he was 17 years old when everything had not happened when the two schools merged, she met Ji Qingyu, who was also 17 years old it's just... Who is the person who plays truant, fights, doesn't know how to learn, and gets good grades is she such a gentle gentleman, polite, knowledgeable and cultured husband it's messy in the wind. God, you're kidding wait a minute, the school grass seems a little different it turns out that he is a "double faced person" two parallel lines intersect in advance. Under the butterfly effect, everything changes quietly... this is a story of one-way running on the surface, but actually two-way redemption.

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