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Residual sound in the fog

Residual sound in the fog

Residual sound in the fog

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    Residual sound in the fog
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    Xia Mu and pangtai
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    Health Books
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2022-01-14 13:01:44
Xia Li wants to leave this ghost place very much. The intermittent Internet, weekends without entertainment activities and cars that she has to do for many hours every week to go to school all make her haggard but I can't help it. My mother likes it here and my father dotes on my mother and her sad life seems to be different if you want to escape from the past, what should you do? Would it be better to start a new life she doesn't know, but she has no choice love is to touch and take back her hand. Lin Ming neither hates nor envies. He belongs to Xia Li all his life. She knows he is behind her. That's enough.