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Gu Shao s wife is very wild

Gu Shao s wife is very wild

Gu Shao s wife is very wild

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    Gu Shao s wife is very wild
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Gu Shao has a narrow waist, a long body and a good face. She doesn't suffer losses when she is a husband. She swindles people for money and feelings. There's something wrong behind her. Isn't this her sworn enemy? I entered the enemy camp by mistake and wanted to go with a child "my wife is actually the leader of W organization? Cheated me so much money? Huh?" Gu Shao stopped the little wild cat trying to run and saw her smiling and flattering "yours is mine ~ I don't know it's you, otherwise where else do I need to cheat?" Chu Qing smeared oil on the soles of his feet and tried to run away. He was pressed back by someone "I still want to cheat a child. I'll give it to you."