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Nun SA Fantian

Nun SA Fantian

Nun SA Fantian

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    Nun SA Fantian
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    Qing Liuge
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    Bestair novel
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2022-01-13 21:24:15
Wild female master of Renmei road - no CP, no CP, no CP, say important things three times Su Yaoyao is the original female master of the book. Originally, it went smoothly and soared all the way. Who ever thought that this book has become an essence and derived his own consciousness so Su Yaoyao's route was changed from Xiuxian Tianwen to Hougong wennvpei he is also a love brain, crazy about men, crazy about men, and crashing into the wall for men as a result, she collapsed in this Hougong article, so the woman who had been sent out was brought back by the book of creation what? If you want me to go to the plot, choose one of the two. I don't make an appointment. I stay well in modern times, eat, drink, deposit, and make an appointment with a small milk dog Genesis: you can't go back. You're dead Su Yaoyao: so Genesis: choose between the two plots Su Yaoyao: I have a better route. Would you like to listen Genesis: you say Su Yaoyao: let's be like that, be like this, good, listen to me as a result, all painting styles deviate, and it is impossible to fall in love. Isn't Xiuxian fragrant? Man, what can you do? Rob your cultivation resources, waste your feelings, and cultivate immortals well. Who wants to fall in love in this article, the warm fairy cultivation article, without many ups and downs of hot-blooded legends, is a pure healing warm article. Don't spray it if you don't like it after all, the author has limited knowledge and can't write a hot-blooded immortal article. All spectators who like to pass by support leaving comments Bixin ~

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