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Please shut up

Please shut up

Please shut up

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    Please shut up
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    Xiaoju's Xiaoju
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-15 11:28:08
Rebirth + crossing, who changes whose destiny in her last life, Su Ziyan was killed by her boyfriend and best friend at the same time. There were thousands of unwilling feelings in her heart. She jumped down from the rooftop... however, Su Ziyan got what she wanted. She was reborn seven years ago. Everything had a chance to start over. She must pay the price for those who hurt her she is a new star in the dubbing industry, and has emerged in the dubbing industry at an unstoppable speed Su Ziyan has the ability to listen to others, but she meets a man who can block her plug-in ability. She silently decides to stay away from such dangerous people but the farther away she was, the closer he tried to get "Ziyan, you dub this romantic novel with Nanxi!" "Ziyan, you partner with Nanxi, match this couple advertisement and perform well." "Ziyan, your partner is Nanxi..." Su Ziyan angrily asked, "why is my partner always Nanxi, I quit..."

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